5 Makeup Lessons Learnt The Hard Way

Number 1 – Eyebrows are important

Now when I say eyebrows are important it is not just the shape. For me personally, the biggest eyebrow issue is the fact that my eyebrows are so light that in some photos it appears like there are none at all. This is why it is important to fill in your eyebrows, or at least use an eyebrow tint. It could save you from untagging yourself from many eyebrow-less pictures on FaceBook.

Number 2 – Eyelash curlers DO work

When packing for my holiday I decided against bringing my chunky eyelash curler purely to save room. However, upon applying mascara on my lashes before a night out, I realised that my eyelashes are completely flat. Honestly, I never noticed this before because I always curled my lashes before applying mascara. If you have naturally curl-less lashes like mine, I would definitely recommend investing in an eyelash curler because they really DO make all the difference.

Number 3 – Don’t forget the lips!

Also when packing for holiday I seemed to forget one of the most essential aspects that completes a make up look; lipstick. This left my lips to flaunt their natural pink I was born with. Now at first I thought this was a bad thing. I thought how can I go out with no colour on my lips? Well I have come to find that sometimes its refreshing. Sometimes a little bit of lip balm is all you need. In saying that I would have gladly time travelled back to when I was packing and add in a lipstick.

Number 4 – Powder up!

I have always been a powder enthusiast. I think one of the most essential parts of any make up routine is locking in that foundation with a good translucent powder. For me, powder not only helps keep the foundation on my face for longer but also stops shine. Powder can definitely be a powerful tool so be sure to use it.

Number 5 – Choose your foundation wisely

Speaking from experience foundation is essential, not only to your appearance in person but on camera. The worst thing about foundation is having a colour that doesn’t match the rest of your body. Unfortunately, this happens to the best of us (me included on numerous occasions). The only solution is to have different shades of foundation handy for the different times of year. Right now, I am still the lightest shade money can buy but hopefully (as we leave the winter season) I can bump up a few shades.

Another foundation consideration is whether it has SPF. For a daytime foundation, this is great. For night time, not so much. In an instance when you know you will be photographed, it is far better to opt for a foundation without the SPF because this is what makes your face look white as a ghost in photographs.


I hope you enjoyed my little tips and tricks! In no way am I a make up expert, these are just a few things I thought I would share.

One final note: don’t ever feel like you need to wear make up to be accepted. Wear make up because you have a genuine interest in the art, not because you feel pressure from society. You are beautiful just the way you are (without make up!).



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