You may have heard of the emergency aeroplane landing on the Hudson river in 2009. Whether that be from the news or from Justin Timberlake’s reference in ‘Friends With Benefits’. It undoubtably went down in history as a miracle and Captain Sullenberger a hero. But you may have wanted to know a bit more about what happened. Like what was it like for the people on board? How did he manage such a difficult landing? So many of your questions are answered in a beautifully produced and directed biographical drama called ‘Sully’.

Movies that are based on true stories create a different experience. They make you think about the situation on a deeper level and imagine yourself in the position of the characters. I had the same feeling while watching Sully as I did while watching the Titanic for the first time; fear and amazement. I was slightly scared to get on a plane just as I was slightly scared to go on a cruise. In saying that, the safety precautions that became evident through this movie really comforted me. I will no longer tune out the flight attendants when they talk through the emergency exit points again.

If I wasn’t so bad at time organisation, this post would have been up weeks ago. But because I did take so long (sorry), the movie isn’t playing in cinemas anymore. In saying that, I’m sure it will be on one of the many streaming sites (I’m talking legal ones like netflix and presto – be good guys) soon.

If you watched this movie in cinema, let me know what you think in the comments below!



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