5 Makeup Lessons Learnt The Hard Way

Number 1 – Eyebrows are important

Now when I say eyebrows are important it is not just the shape. For me personally, the biggest eyebrow issue is the fact that my eyebrows are so light that in some photos it appears like there are none at all. This is why it is important to fill in your eyebrows, or at least use an eyebrow tint. It could save you from untagging yourself from many eyebrow-less pictures on FaceBook.

Number 2 – Eyelash curlers DO work Continue reading “5 Makeup Lessons Learnt The Hard Way”


Animal Testing & Makeup

Testing makeup on animals was something that I never had an opinion on. For some reason I never thought of researching what companies test on animals and to what extent. Recently, my opinions have changed and I now feel disgusted at the amount of large companies who still test on animals.

I was pleasantly surprised at some of the brands that are animal cruelty free (look at the picture for a full list). There are some really great brands who sell quality products like Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay, Anastasia, Bare Minerals, Hourglass and NARS. These are all amazing brands but somewhat expensive. If you are looking for cheaper brands than elf and NYX are two great brands that I recommend.

I realised that I do not own many items from these cruelty free brands and this makes me feel even more disappointed with myself. Thing is, brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced weren’t always readily available in Australia. That was until Mecca Maxima and Sephora came along. Now, we have so many brands right at our fingertips and I find myself saving up for the more expensive, cruelty free brands.


The most important thing to remember is – makeup is not a necessity. It is something that has been created by society and in all honesty, the world wouldn’t end without it. In saying that, now that we have it, I don’t think that it can be taken away. It’s like taking away electricity and expecting everyone to live as happily as they did in the olden days. Now that we have it, we can’t go back. BUT we can minimise the harm while we use it. I love makeup just as much as the next girl but when I look at what it is doing to animals (not to mention young girls perceptions of themselves – but we will save that for another blog post), it makes me question the need.

So keep this in mind next time you go out to stock up your makeup collection and maybe take a look at some of the suggested, cruelty free brands instead.