The Spy Who Dumped Me

The Spy Who Dumped Me is an action/comedy about two best friends who get caught in a super secret spy mission (if your anything like me, this is your secret fantasy). They go on a crazy adventure in Europe which all begins when Audrey (Mila Kunis) discovers that her ex boyfriend is a spy with the CIA.

I love Mila Kunis. This is no secret and this perhaps gives me a bias because I love everything she does. So yes, you guessed it. This movie was no different. I LOVED IT! Mila is stunning, loveable, relatable and funny. She just gets better and better.

Kate McKinnon is outstanding in this film. She is hilarious and her character is completely and effortlessly loveable. Plus she brings feminism into the movie in a light hearted yet real way. Mila and Kate had such a great dynamic together. It was their connection that made it completely believable that they were best friends and I can definitely put the success of this movie down to that.

Sam Heughan. That’s all I need to say about him, right? I mean you are looking at the only reason I watch Outlander. He is gorgeous and this movie is no exception. Oh, except you get the pleasure of hearing him with a British accent.

The cast is amazing. The writing is hilarious. The movie is all round well done. It was a movie that legitimately made me forget about my problems for 1 hour and 57 minutes (if we disregard the ‘I need to pee’ reality check).

Now there are only two things left to do: firstly, watch the movie again. And then, wait for a sequel.

Warnings: The movie contains some swearing, violence (you know, the usual, guns and stuff), very slight nudity (literally a split second, it’s so quick that you may not even notice it), some vomiting and gagging. 


Plastic Surgery: You are Beautiful on the Inside.

Plastic surgery is one of those things that everyone likes to state their opinions on like gay marriage or religion.

I like to think of plastic surgery as the same as getting braces. Lets compare the process:

Braces: You go to a medical professional (orthodontist), consult, think about it for a few weeks, pay a lot of money for something that most of the time is only useful to changing your appearance and there you have it, perfectly straight and attractive teeth.

Plastic Surgery: You go to a medical professional (plastic surgeon), consult, think about it for a few weeks,pay a lot of money for something that most of the time is only useful to changing your appearance and there you have it, a body part that you were once insecure about is now a body part that makes you feel confident.

The processes are quite similar to me. Every time someone judges me for my nose job I look at their teeth. If they have perfect straight teeth, I assume that they most probably have had braces at some point and I quietly dismiss their opinion.

People tell you that you shouldn’t get plastic surgery. They say that you are beautiful the way you are. They say that all of God’s creations are perfect. They say your imperfections make you, you. They say you are beautiful on the inside and that’s all that matters. If that is true, then why does it matter if you change something about your appearance? Cutting out that speed bump on your nose doesn’t change who you are on the inside. And who you are on the inside is all that matters right? From where I sit, saying ‘it’s whats on the inside that counts’ can actually have the opposite effect. It all depends on your perspective.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what my opinion is (which is pro plastic surgery and pro choice in case you couldn’t tell). It doesn’t matter what anyone else’s opinion is. What matters is what you think of yourself. If you need (or even just want) to get some surgical enhancements then that’s okay. If you never want it, then that’s okay too. I was a person who once said ‘I would never get a nose job’. Just look at me now (Hint: I’ve had a nose job. Blog post coming on that soon).