Wings of the Wild.

On Friday the 28 October 2016 I got to sit front row and watch my childhood idol perform.

Delta Goodrem is an Australian musician and actress and probably one of the most well known celebrities in Australia. Her career started in 2003 with her Innocent Eyes album which is one of the greatest albums of all time (in my opinion). I was only 6 years old when this album came out so I have clearly been with Delta on her journey for the better part of my life. Growing up listening to someones music from such a young age forms a special connection with them. I always felt like Delta was more than a singer, she was my friend. Her music made me feel better in tough times and for this reason, she made my list of artists to see live before I die.

To start off, the concert was amazing. I’m not just talking about Delta herself but the production, the lights, the live music… everything. To say it was a magical night would be an understatement. One of the most beautiful moments I have ever experienced was when Delta started singing Dear Life (one of my personal favourite songs). When she started singing the chorus the audience stood up displaying signs that said ‘thank you’. Delta was lost for words. She could barely continue singing and was moved to tears. I am so thankful to be able to have witnessed this beautiful moment between fans and their idol. This would be a good time to take a moment to say thank you to Delta. You have been such a huge part of my life since I was a little girl and your music has truely changed my life.

I have been to a lot of concerts in my time. From One Direction to Ed Sheeran to Alicia Keys to Beyonce to Justin Bieber and more. Never in my many hours spent at concerts have I ever seen an artist so thankful for their supporters. Delta physically ran off stage to check on a fan who had collapsed. The whole arena was practically silent waiting to see if this girl was okay. It was a beautiful moment and truely proves how much Delta cares. To the girl who collapsed at the concert last night, are you okay? I hope so. We were all thinking of you the rest of the night.

You can buy tickets to her remaining Australian shows here! And you can purchase her latest album here! If you end up going to one of her concerts you definitely won’t be sorry. If you are lucky enough to see this beauty live then make sure to let me know how it goes in the comments below 🙂

I have one more thank you before I let you all binge listen to Delta’s music. A MASSIVE thank you to TEG Live for providing my sister and I with the best tickets in the world! We got to sit front row centre to watch the performance of a lifetime. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!